Teotihuacan Tour

Tour Description

Duration: approximately 8 hours inlcuding lunch brake.

In this tour we will be visiting the pre-Hispanic city of Teotihuacan, one of the greatest civilization in the world. This tour full of history allow us also to walk trough the reamains of the city and climb the impresive temples of the Sun and the Moon. On addition to this we will make a short stop in Basilica of Guadalupe to give you a taste of the cultural devotion for the so called brown virgin.


Basilica of Guadalupe

The most important Catholic plaza after Saint Peter Square in Vatican, Basilica de Guadalupe is more than a church, is a place where many things merge together. Two Basilicas are the most remarkable constructions, the old one build in the late XV Century and the new in the 70’s. Pilgrims from every corner of the country and beyond come to pay their respects to the famous browned skin virgin. This is a place where the importance of religion in Mexican culture can be witness and understood.

Teotihuacan Arqueological Site

Teotihuacan city known also as "The City of the Gods", is one of the most astounding archaeological site in the world, considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even though the city was abandoned around 1,300 years ago, the city is a display of the advance knowledge and superb development of this amazing society. Contemporary to some big Mayan cities Teotihuacan use to be the well know in all Mesoamerica and recognized as one of the greatest Cities.

The Citadel and Quetzalcoatl Temple

This is part of the latest constructions in the City of Teotihuacan, consist in a big plaza and more important a Temple. The so called Quetzalcoatl Temple is the better preserve of the three that you can find in the City. A very sophisticated construction shows the skills of the people that was in charge of the decoration and detail of the temples.

Sun Pyramid

A very impressive building that although reconstructed is still full of history. With a height of aprox 69 meters this construction stands as the land mark of the whole city. Build in a perfect location to tell the seasons and with extreme precision in its dimensions will be not just a great picture but a challenge rewarded with a great view at the top.

Moon Pyramid

This temple located at the north end of the city is the earliest of the pyramids, has seven stages of constructions and a big plaza. Been in a high ground offers the greatest view of the complex and is also the beguining of the incredible hydraulic system that goes along the City. With discoverings that connect Teotihuacan with the mayans this pyramid will amaze you.

Sell Temple

One of the most interesting spots, even not been a big construction is a very interesting one because it allow us to understand the process of construction of the Pyramids in all Mesocamerica. Thanks to a tunnel we are able to get to the heart of a pyramid and explore the inside as if it would be a time capsule. Murals and carvings are some of the things you can find inside.
This is a great place and a must if you're visiting Mexico City, this also works as a good start if you want to know more about Mexican history and culture.



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