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Netouring is a company that offers experiences to travelers in their journey throughout Mexico. Formed as a family business, inspired by our personal trips and build over the working expertise of Bernardo Ortiz and Carmen Bojorges, guides with over 30 years on the business. Our goal is to provide you with a memorable experience and ultimately to plant in you the seed of understanding and affection torwards our people and country.

In Netouring we focus on adapting our services to satisfy your needs. We offer basic tour packages but also give you the oportunity to create your own custom tour by the hand of our experts. For us is very important to build a personal link with our customers by putting forward different approaches to the guided visits allowing a better understanding of the tours and a more pleasant journey. We like authenticity, for that reason we plan our tours in a way that you experience the real Mexico with the opportunity to share experiences with local people in a natural environment.

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 Our Staff        






A very enthusiastic person who enjoys traveling and getting to know people and places. He likes adventure and calculated risks, but is also a very friendly guy who's always doing its best to take you on a memorable journey.  

The most experienced Netouring guide with over 30 years of work on his record. A very knowledgeable person with a great sense of humor, versatile and suitable for everyone from an archeologist to children. Bernie is multilingual offering tours in Spanish, English, French and Italian.


The feminine touch in the staff is a very experienced guide providing a human element to the tours. She is a very energetic guide and knows how to interact and connect with the people. Don’t get surprised to get close to the kitchen in the places she will take you to visit.







An authority in archaeology Gerardo is a very interesting character that will give answer to all that you ever wondered about Mexico. But don't get deceived he is also very charismatic and with a big sense of humour.       Isaac is a very passionate guide that enjoys to share the beauty and the beast of Mexico through the many faces of this country. Specialized in Mexican art and popular culture, is very knowledgeable and fun character that will teach you without you even noticing.




Contact information:


Phone +52 55 5547 6032

Whatsapp +52 1 55 4892 9232

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