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Duration: approximately 8 hours including lunch brake.

In this tour we will be visiting the very heart of Mexico City, a place where the time merges, colonial and modern buildgings, archaelogical ruins and Mexican folklore. This is also the right place to start your journey in Mexico. Also known as Historical Center this place is a full microverse of the whole country.


Palace of the Fine Arts

The opera house one of the most astounding constructions in all Latinamerica shares both European and Mexican styles and materials. It also has a very important collection of murals from the most important artist in the subject. Possible the most interesting are Siqueiros "New Democracy" and Rivera's "Man in a crossroads" originally painted in Rockefeller Centre and erase.

Madero Street and its jewels

The pedestrian street more popular in the City is a great way to get to Zocalo. Along the way marvellous constructions from various periods of time will tell us the story of this City, the Tile House, the Palace of Iturbide, the Latin American Tower and the San Francisco Church are some good examples. Finally the Zocalo, the third biggest plaza in the world will usually host some cultural activity or a fare.

Metropolitan Cathedral

The oldest Cathedral in the whole continent and one of the pritiest. The Metropolitan Cathedral took over three hundred years to be completed. A magnificent place restored and fixed from the sinking. A twin organ not spotted by many is one of the unique characteristics of this place. Weather you're religious or not this is a very interesting place in the heart of the city.

National Palace

A hige building that also has the presidential offices is famous not because of that but thanks to the amazing murals painted by Diego Rivera in the interior. This murals summarize Mexican history and portrait Mexican culture ina very particular way. Definitely one of Rivera's master pieces.

Anthropological Museum

The second biggest anthropological museum in the world but the biggest with objects from one place (Mexico). Definitely a must if you visit Mexico City, it will work as a more than an introduction to the pre-Hispanic civilizations of Mesoamerica with a lot of pieces and even replicas of archaeological sites. This museum will blow your mind with its deept and the content.
For history and cultural lovers this is a must, the very best introduction to Mexico it will take you beyond the sourface and depp into the real Mexico. 



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