Coyoacan-Xochimilco Tour

Tour Description

Duration: approximately 8 hours including lunch brake.

In this tour we will be visiting a very beautiful are in Mexico City called Coyoacan, in this place theres a vibrant athmosphere and a lot of culture. Coyocan is famous because of Frida's Blue House but there's much more than that to discover. We will also visit an impresive construction of Diego rivera that holds a collection of five thousand archaeological objects, finaly we will go to the so called garden of Mexico City to take a nice and smooth ride in the canals of Xochimilco.


Frida's Blue House

A very popular museum located in the former house of Frida and Diego is a very interesting place to understand much of her life and work. A beautiful house was open to public in fifty eight and hasn't ever been as popular as now. Full of items owned by the couple, a peaceful garden and an exhibition of clothing of Frida this Museum for many is the highlight of the day.

Coyoacan Neighborhood

"The place of the coyotes", Coyoacan became part of Mexico City in the second half of the nineteen Century however it was important already in pre-Hispanic and Colonial times. With so much to see we will take a ride along the old part to see plaes like Alvarado's House, Watercolour Museum, Santa Catarina Church, Coyoacan and Hidalgo Parks, Saint John the Baptist Church and the Popular Market of Coyoacan. An experience to all your senses.


A not at all known museum completely designed by Diego Rivera, inspired in the organic constructions of Frank Loyd Wright and based on pre-Hispanic architecture and symbolism this places is a hidden jewel of the city. The five thousand pieces in the interior belong to different civilizations of Mesoamerica, a great place for those who love art as much as history and archaeology.

Xochimilco boat ride

One of the best places to experience the local culture and costumes. Xochimilco is a historical places with high relevance in pre-Hispanic thanks to the food production. Nowadays is still very fertile but also a tourist attraction most likely for locals that want to escape from the city and gather in big groups to eat, drink, sing and dance. From large families to school students all sharing the same mood for celebration that is so related to Mexicans.

This is a tour very diverse, art, culture, food, music and history in one of the most beautiful places in Mexico City. Another must if you are interested in get a taste of the real Mexico.



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