Chapultepec Tour

Tour Description

Duration: approximately 6 hours.

In this tour we will be visitng the Chapultepec park (forest), a huge green area with some of the most interesting museums in the city including the History Musuem (Castle) and the Anthropological Museum.


Anthropological Museum

The second biggest anthropological museum in the world but the biggest with objects from one place (Mexico). Definitely a must if you visit Mexico City, it will work as a more than an introduction to the pre-Hispanic civilizations of Mesoamerica with a lot of pieces and even replicas of archaeological sites. This museum will blow your mind with its deept and the content.


Chapultepec Park

This park (forest) is dated from pre-Hispanic times, divided in three sections and with two lakes and a zoo, an auditorium and even the presidential house is a very popular place among Mexicans. Interesting work of various artists and architects including Diego Rivera can also been found also here. Nowadays the park is a very important green area in the city and a cultural centre.

History Museum

Also known as Chapultepec Castel is one of the highlights of the city, despiting the fact that the view from the top is amazing this place has the history of Mexico sinthezise through objects and documents from pre-Hispanic times up to the Mexican Revolution. The architecture of the places is also remarkable and the furnitur and objects of Maximilian during the french colony complement the place. To top this up a huge mural of David Alfaro Siqueiros decorates one hall.
If you like history and art this tour is an excellent option, a balance mix of museums and a walk in the park can be a great mix to start your journey in Mexico.
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