Urban Experiences


If you are in the mood for a walk or a scooter ride and you like to experience the insight of the places you visit and merge with the local life, the urban experiences can be the best option for you. We bring you inside the heart of the urban life of Mexico City. We get around by foot, scooter, and public transportation so we can cover many grounds and provide with diversity our journey.

This experiences are focused on provide you with an immersive experience in the city, walking, riding a scooter, and using public transportation. Mexico City is full of life and the street is a great place to find it all.


Our Urban Experiences include a diversity of places, from markets, to museums, monuments, parks, churches and much more, experience Mexico City from the inside and go beyond the surface.


Commuting Experiences


Mexican Food in the hood


Santa Maria la Ribera is one of the earliest neighbourhoods in Mexico City and because of that is has a large history written on its streets but more over in it's people.

The beautiful Quiosco Morisco in the heart of the neighbourhood has witness the evolution of not only the city but the country and is a masterpiece of architecture.

Along this beauty and history the drive for this experience is the food, Santa Maria la Ribera it's also an extremely rich neighbourhood also food wise and due to the diversity that thrives here one can find lots of different types of Mexican food and even from abroad.

Expect a good taste of some of the most representative dishes in Mexico City such as tacos y garnachas, as well as traditional food from the state of Oaxaca and of course the three most famous Mexican drinks, Pulque, Mezcal and Tequila; all of this immerse in the local environment like a local.




Downtown on scooter

The best place to begin your adventure in Mexico.


Experience the heart of Mexico, in this journey we will give you an introduction to its art, culture and a history navigating through beautiful streets and visiting iconic places like Mayor Temple, The Palace of the Fine Arts and the Murals of the Ministry of Education.

Of course it wouldn’t be a full experience without food, so be prepare for a sourprise!


Admission fees and Lunch are included.







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